Live Strong with Mindfulness & Meditation

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness Meditation is being aware our feelings, thoughts, sensations and our environment in the present moment.  Mindfulness also involves accepting ourselves in the present time without judgement.  There is no “right” or “wrong” way of feeling and thinking. It is simply being aware of our senses and feelings in the present moment!

Why is Mindfulness Important?

Mindfulness Meditation is a tool to work with our thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. As a result, we can think and act more clearly, instead of reacting negatively to what is around us. Furthermore, we can identify our emotions and cope better with challenges.

Benefits of Mindfulness:

70 Strong Connects you to Mindfulness and Meditation Activities

70 Strong connects you to several Mindfulness and Meditation classes right here in our community! The Peninsula Jewish Family Center in Foster City offers a course called “Take a Breathe: The Practice of Mindfulness Meditation.” In addition, the San Carlos Adult Center offers a free morning meditation class. To find more mindfulness-related classes and activities near you, visit the 70 Strong directory.

Written by Didem K. Unver, BSN, RN, and Cat Bottini, MPH.