Getting Help with the Aid of 70 Strong

Seniors getting help in Redwood City

For more than 20 years Carmen C. provided invaluable help as a translator to parents of Spanish-speaking high school students in San Mateo County.  She cared about the children and their families and it gave her satisfaction to use her language expertise to make a difference.  Recently, Carmen needed a helping hand herself.

Thanks to 70 Strong, she now knows where to turn for free groceries, low-cost fitness classes and also moral support.

How did this happen?

After experiencing a devastating fire at her condo in early 2017, Carmen needed help getting back on her feet.

Fortunately, Carmen, 70, met Theodora Kyle-Singer, 70 Strong’s Lead Community Navigator who was on site at the Veterans Memorial Senior Center, one of many community places she visits each month to reach older adults.

How a 70 Strong Navigator aided a resident when she needed it most

Kyle-Singer re-introduced Carmen to Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center in Redwood City.  Carmen had visited once years ago. Kyle-Singer encouraged her to get to know the people and made introductions. This time everything clicked.

How did Fair Oaks help?

  • Carmen found a fitness class she liked.
  • She picks up a free bag of groceries every two weeks at Fair Oaks, courtesy of Second Harvest.
  • And she found friendship among other older adults who also go to the Center.

“Theodora offered a lot of assistance and resources,” says Carmen. “I really appreciate her help during a stressful time and the fact that she follows up with phone calls to stay in touch!”

“We’re glad Carmen is now a regular visitor to the Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center,” says Laura Swartzel, head of the center.

Helping people stay active and engaged is 70 Strong’s mission. “We connect older adults in our community to activities and services to improve people’s health and wellness so they can maintain their independence, engage in the community and age well,” says Susan Houston, Director of Older Adult Services at Peninsula Family Service. Peninsula Family Service manages 70 Strong in partnership with the Sequoia Healthcare District.

Food Services

For more on free and low-cost food, see the 70 Strong directory.

Here’s Where to Meet the Navigators

Below are the places the 70 Strong Navigators visit on a regular basis. You can make an appointment by calling 650.780.7547.