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Improve Balance and Strength Through Tai Chi

Growing older isn’t always easy but there are ways to improve balance and strength with yoga or Tai Chi. Our bodies go through many changes and as one gets older, this often means reduced flexibility, range of motion, agility and overall strength. And these are some of the major factors that can contribute to the […]

The Serious Challenge of Elder Abuse

Parents, grandparents and other older loved ones often play big roles in our lives and who we become. Role changes are often so gradual that we don’t notice until we’ve become their caretakers, but with that job comes great responsibility. Our elderly loved ones need not just our care but also our protection against potential […]

Getting Help with the Aid of 70 Strong

For more than 20 years Carmen C. provided invaluable help as a translator to parents of Spanish-speaking high school students in San Mateo County.  She cared about the children and their families and it gave her satisfaction to use her language expertise to make a difference.  Recently, Carmen needed a helping hand herself. Thanks to […]