Understanding Memory Loss and Dementia 了解記憶哀退和失智症的不同

12/08/201810:00 am11:30 am

Foster City Senior Wing, Crane Room
650 Shell Blvd., Foster City

Occasionally misplacing keys, forgetfulness, and failing to remember which word to use can be common experiences among older adults. While aging may include an increase in memory problems, dementia is not a normal part of the aging process. At this free workshop, participants will learn the differences between dementia and normal age-related memory loss, warning signs of dementia, how dementia affects thinking and mood, and the importance of obtaining a diagnosis.

Cost: No charge
Registration: chu@caregiver.org, 415.434.3388 x320

This program is funded by San Mateo Medical Center through the Sequoia Health Care District.

偶爾的遺失鎖匙, 健忘,及執筆忘字對於老年人是非常普遍的經驗。 當年紀越大,記憶衰退的問題亦會隨之增加,但是,失智症並非正常的 老化過程。 在這個免費的工作坊,參加者將會認識老年失智症跟一般 和老化有關的記憶力衰退的不同,失智症的警號,失智症如何影響思維 及情緒,以及獲得診斷的重要性。

時間: 星期六,十二月八日, 上午10時至11:30