Activities for Seniors in Atherton

For seniors living in peaceful Atherton, 70 Strong is the perfect guide to free and low-cost local activities, services and events.

Physical health has a direct impact on emotional and mental well being, and the 70 Strong directory and phone line make us an ideal resource for keeping the older adults in your life strong and vibrant.

70 Strong is your essential tool for fulfilling seniors’ personal interests and exploring new ones as well.

Atherton is best known for its cozy, serene ambience and Holbrook-Palmer Park, as well as the town’s native oaks, redwoods, and other stunning, ornamental trees. 70 Strong will help you find many activities for older adults in the area.

Check out Opportunities for Seniors in Atherton!

We have collected a list of services and activities to benefit your loved ones in Atherton, California.

  1. Social groups
  2. Computer classes
  3. Fitness and wellness programs
  4. Workshops and lectures
  5. Ride services

And much more. We’re adding new opportunities each day.

There are countless ways that seniors can socialize while staying healthy. Atherton has renowned Holbrook-Palmer Park, which has 22 picturesque acres with walking paths, sport court, and spots for picnics. There are also wonderful restaurants and cafes that provide a backdrop for great conversation, whether in a pair or a group.

Near Atherton are museums, gardens, art galleries and other venues that are perfect for group visits or solo time. There are also opportunities to volunteer and share one’s talents and vocation to benefit others.

Check out some of the activities and services that the Atherton community and San Mateo County offer:

Theatre Arts

Drop-in Fitness Center

Support Groups

Volunteer Opportunities

Upcoming Events

There is much more. Find activities and services in Atherton and neighboring communities in the 70 Strong directory.

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If you or the senior in your life have specific needs, our Community Navigators are here to meet with you and help search for the most ideal opportunities that match your interests. They will get to know your desires and hobbies, and partner with you to find the best fit in a variety of fun, healthy activities. Contact the 70 Strong Navigators at 650.780.7547.