Activities for Seniors in Woodside

When you visit 70 Strong, you’ll find activities and services for seniors in the charming Town of Woodside.

The emotional and mental health of senior citizens is undeniably linked to their physical health. Every day we are looking to find local activities, services and opportunities for your favorite seniors.

70 Strong is the most useful resource for connecting the older adults in your life to activities they enjoy.

You know Woodside for its beautiful fir, redwood and eucalyptus trees and for horses, Buck’s and other restaurants, a saloon, open space reserves, and its reputation for the arts. There’s much more for seniors.

Check out opportunities for seniors in Woodside!

We have collected a list of services and activities to benefit your loved ones in Woodside, California.

  1. Clean and Refreshing Picnic Sites
  2. Easy-to-navigate Trail Parks
  3. Community-focused Theatre Opportunities
  4. Sports
  5. Workshops

And much more. We’re adding more each day.

Senior citizens can interact in healthy ways. Woodside has many well-maintained parks that senior citizens and people of all ages can use for picnics or for hiking trips. They can interact with people and meet up with fellow senior citizens over lunch or dinner at one of the many dining options available.

During the days that they feel like spending time on their own, they can visit local museums or a spa resort. They can meditate and unwind in the parks. They can also share and refine their skills during the many workshops that are open to every resident of Woodside. They can find support in a wide range of support groups. And, of course, they can volunteer for and share their lifetime of skills with non-profit organizations.

Check out some of the activities and services that the Woodside community and San Mateo County offer:

Tai Chi

Music and Memory Program

Theatre Arts

Drop-in Fitness Center

Support Groups

Volunteer Opportunities

There is much more. Find activities and services in Woodside and neighboring communities in the 70 Strong directory.

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